Mobile Scheduling, Time-Keeping & Task Management Solution

Build schedules, track employee attendance and assign store tasks from your mobile device.

One Team

Busy Bunny truly empowers your employees while keeping them accountable to maximize your business efficiency.

Complete mobile shift & task management solution for your business

Complete Scheduling Solution

Schedule your employees quickly and easily within the Busy Bunny solution, and instantly maximize your efficiency.

Full Featured App

Streamline your store operations using our Mobile apps for managers and employees.


Busy Bunny is designed to be straightforward and easy to use, without compromising on its features.

Flexible Notification

Choose which notifications to receive from your employees, and our solution will take care of the rest.

Multi-Store Support

Easily manage all of your stores and employees from one account.

Task Management with Clear Accountability

Ensure the daily tasks are completed correctly on time by your employees with detailed logs.

Visible Proof

Photo log capability allows your employees to "show" you the completed task.

Deadline Driven

Set day and/or time deadline for your tasks to ensure they are completed on time.

Employee Assignment

Assigning tasks to specific employees provides accountability and quality tracking.

Task Library

With the ability to create your library of tasks, repetive tasks are just a few clicks to assign.

Accurate Event Logs to Improve Operational Efficiency

Report events & incidents in real time to respond quickly and increase customer confidence.

Business Visibility

Employees ability to report and log incidents give you constant and full visibility of any issues at your business.

Issue Tracking

Collaborate with your employees to track an incident with detailed logging capability to resolve it correctly.

Instant Alerts

Real time alerts of the incident allow you to provide immediate attention to reported issue.


Ability to view and categorize all incidents to consolidate reports for data-driven decisions.

Still Using Your POS to Clock In & Out?

Have far more control and visibility into your crew's work hours using Busy Bunny.

Real-Time Status

Real time notifications allow you to track employee activity and proactively address issues as they occur.

Schedule Enforcement

Flexible rules allow you to set clock in/out parameters for your team members, giving you more control over your labor cost.

Pay Calculations

Fully configurable overtime, break time, and holiday pay features which allow you to calculate actual labor cost.

Fraud Prevention

Multiple options to ensure that your employee is actually on site when reporting to, and leaving from, work.

A Remote Way to Work

Keep your employees engaged and more closely connected no matter where they are.

Maximize Productivity

Using a cloud-based time-tracking platform, working remotely does not have to mean loss in productivity.

Employee Satisfaction

Mobile flexibility empower your employees beyond a physical location and increase job satisfaction.

Better Communication

Minimize disruptions by providing streamlined communication between you and your employees.

24/7 Access

Make sure time and location is not a barrier to access all the tools and latest information.

Literally at Your Fingertips

No longer do you have to sit at your PC to schedule your crew. You can do it all on your phone.

Increase your crew management efficiency
Meaningful notification for both you and your crew
Manage schedules and time cards from anywhere
Always be connected with your employees
Get accurate pay details and warnings
Mobile technology to enforce shift schedules

Always Connected

Leverage your smart watch to access schedules even without your phone.

Managing your employees and their schedule is even faster and easier when using your smart watch. Your staff's schedule is available right on your wrist at all times, with real-time data.

From getting notifications when a team member makes an exception request, to quickly viewing the entire schedule for your stores, our included watch app will ensure you are always connected to your business.

Once your Busy Bunny app account is setup, you can simply download the watch app (either for Apple Watch or Android Wear) and start using it immediately.

Tight Yet Flexible Ecosystem

Busy Bunny has the exact tools needed by employers, employees and the business, to provide a complete solution for scheduling.

Seamless communication between you and your employees with complete visibility and reporting
Store rules set by you to be enforced for your employees while providing effective staff coverage
Simple time clock functionality to make the process of starting a shift painless for the employee