Complete Set of Operational Features for Your Business

Keep accurate operational notes with real-time Event Logs

Streamline incident reporting and resolution

In every business, unexpected issues can occur at any time. Providing your team with the ability to report incidents in real time allows you to address issues as they arise. This leads to improved communication among your team and increased customer confidence in your ability to resolve incidents more efficiently.

Reporting occurs in real time which means that you can take action as soon as an issue is reported. Detailed notes and picture capability allows you to fully assess an incident before taking action, thereby streamlining the process.


Improve internal communications

Effective communication is critical to a solid operation. When an incident is reported, you are immediately notified through the app. Employees will have the ability to select who gets notified when incidents occur so that the appropriate team member or manager can address.

Employees are further supported with the ability to upload photos and add detailed notes when reporting an incident, allowing them to more effectively communicate issue details.


Track incident activity

With Busy Bunny incident tracking, you can view all incidents in one place and drill down into the issue details, so you know who to follow up with.

The ability to categorize incidents to consolidate your reporting (e.g., Maintenance, Equipment Failure, Customer Complaints, etc.) allows you to quickly identify areas of opportunity within your operation, over any period of time.