Complete Set of Labor Features for Your Business

Tools to empower your employees

Unscheduled shift starts and ends

You can't avoid your employees reporting to work late unexpectedly. Busy Bunny provides a flexible configuration to provide a window of time for employees to clock in or out for scheduled shifts.

If an employee attempts to clock in/out for a shift outside the allowed window, our built-in approval process will prompt an alert to you for approval to proceed. This process allows you to not only be aware of the unscheduled shift start/end, but also takes specific action based on the circumstance.


Employee availability

Let your employees inform you of their availability. Using the employee app, your employees can easily set their available times which directly integrate to the manager's scheduling interface. This allows you to schedule more efficiently and helps to avoid scheduling conflicts.

With advanced capabilities, such as recurrence and partial day settings, each employee can set their own availability in the moment or far in advance.


Shift swaps by the employees

Unexpected events may prevent an employee from being able to work an assigned shift. In those instances, Busy Bunny's Shift Swap feature allows the employee to take the lead on finding a replacement. Your employees do the leg work so that all you have to do is approve or deny the request.

With one click, schedules are updated right away! Your employees are empowered to work through scheduling conflicts on their own, so you don’t have to, and instant notifications means that you don’t have to wait to find out when disruptions occur.