Complete Set of Labor Features for Your Business

Scheduling your employee shifts has never been easier

Easy view of your staff schedule

With multiple ways to view your employee schedule, you can quickly assess whether or not you have the right coverage for your business. Busy Bunny is designed for the mobile experience, so vertical and horizontal views ensure that you have the most intuitive experience when accessing your staff schedule.

Specific Day, Week, and Month views allow managers to see all employee shifts, while the employee is only able to see their specific shifts, across all of their sites.


Confirmation directly from your employees

Let Busy Bunny’s schedule approval system allow your employees to view new or edited schedules and then to accept or reject those shifts. This allows your employees to confirm your requests, but also ensures that they are accountable for their accepted schedule shifts.

Make no-shows or "I didn't know" a thing of the past.


Quick multiple scheduling

Reduce the time it takes to schedule across a long period of time. Managers can easily select multiple days to apply to a shift. This saves the manager time when scheduling for employees that have a reoccurring schedule.

Simply select all the days to apply the schedule to, and your employees are ready for their shifts.