Complete Set of Labor Features for Your Business

Real-time notifications ensure you never miss a thing

Know where everyone is at all times

Whether your employee is on duty, late to work or on a break, you can be aware of their status at all times. This will not only encourage your employees to be on time but will also guarantee that your expectations from the employees are met.

Receive instant notifications when employees start shifts or breaks, to ensure that you have appropriate coverage, as planned.


Help your employees be on time

Busy Bunny not only provides the store manager with timely notifications, it also provides relevant alerts and alarms to employees to ensure they are properly covering the shifts.

From alarms that remind them to clock in for work, to reminders that they have successfully completed a shift, Busy Bunny tools will make your employee's life simpler and more efficient.


Streamline requests for smooth operations

Communication between a manager and employee is essential when creating and agreeing upon a schedule. From new schedules to updated timecards, Busy Bunny will streamline the approval process to ensure that any changes are completed in a timely and accurate fashion.

Simple misunderstandings can create large problems, so keeping both the employee and the employer on the same page is critical to avoiding problems from miscommunication.