Complete Set of Labor Features for Your Business

Manage any number of stores and all its employees

Multi-site support

Whether you have one store or many, Busy Bunny makes managing employees and schedules across all of your sites a breeze. With a single login you will have access to all of your employees along with metrics for each of your stores, all captured in one place.

As your business grows, you can easily add new locations to your account to start managing them immediately.


Manage employees working at multiple sites

When you are managing multiple stores and associate employees, it's critical that you are not only accurate with the schedule, but also planning properly to ensure the correct staff is in the correct location.

You will have the ability to quickly assign your employees to any of your sites, while ensuring that their schedules do not overlap existing shifts.


Get detailed analytics by store

Even though you may be managing all of your stores within one view and in the same manner, each store is unique and will need special attention to cost to ensure that every store is profitable.

With Busy Bunny's straightforward approach, you will not only be able to compare sites to one another, you can also view a breakdown of individual site performance. This gives you the flexibility to analyze all of your sites at one time or a specific site for more detailed information.