Complete Set of Labor Features for Your Business

Prevent fraudulent or unauthorized activity

Geo-location to ensure onsite presence

A common concern with a mobile device is that the employees may clock in for a shift while they are not actually on the premises. With built-in location capability, you will know that your employees are not cheating the system when they clock in and out because their location has been captured.

This also means that if your business requires your employees to be remote or off-site, Busy Bunny is the perfect solution to ensure that your employees start their shift at the designated site.


On-site OTP to complete Clock-in/outs

As a proprietary verification methodology, Busy Bunny also has a Store application that will provide additional fraud prevention for your business.

With this feature enabled, your employees will be required to enter, or scan, a unique temporary one-time-passcode (OTP) that appears only at the store. This ensures your employees are onsite when they clock in and out of their shifts.


Visual confirmation of your employees

The best way to confirm if an employee has reported to work is to physically verify by seeing the employee onsite. Busy Bunny allows you to do exactly that.

Visual verification for clock-in and out requires a photo to ensure that your employee is physically present at the designated location, which the employer can then verify.