Complete Set of Labor Features for Your Business

Bring all the advantages of our mobile-based solution to your business

Full control and access anywhere

Busy Bunny’s fully mobile based solution means you not only have access to, but also control of, all of your stores and its employees from anywhere in the world. Create and make changes quickly on your mobile device and receive immediate, real-time notification as events happen.

Perfect for managing remote or multiple sites, you can now free yourself from the computer and know that you are never disconnected from your store(s), no matter where you go.


Always accessible for your employees

Employees will also enjoy the ability to stay equally connected by being able to receive direct, and up to date information regarding their schedule, at any time.

Do you have a business or staff that you need to make frequent adjustments to in order to meet the rush and or to address unexpected changes? Since your employees are always connected, your shift adjustments are immediately pushed to them ensuring that your team will always be on the same page.


Zero to minimal investment cost

Busy Bunny’s solution is designed to grow with your business and the process to get started on your current smart phone is less than a minute away. Simply install the application, add your employees and start enjoying all the benefits that our solution has to offer.

Save yourself time and money. Conventional time clock methods require hardware and other peripherals or accessories that cost time and money to implement. As a cloud-based solution, Busy Bunny provides a myriad of additional features, without the overhead of these added investments.