Complete Set of Labor Features for Your Business

A much better way for your employees to clock in and out of their shifts

Use your mobile device

Let your employees clock in to their shifts directly from their phone and take advantage of all the benefits that follow. Not only will they be able to see and accept their schedules at all times, but when your employees clock in from their phone, you are notified immediately.

Busy Bunny’s fraud prevention tools ensure that clocking in/out from the mobile device does not allow any unauthorized activities, such as clocking in when outside of the business premises.


Enforce your schedule

Make sure your employees’ clock in and out only when they are scheduled. This guarantees that you don't incur unexpected labor costs.

Busy Bunny's flexible system allows you to enforce your schedule in the way that fits your business. With a fully adjustable configuration, you can rest assured the enforcement is just strict enough, to safeguard daily operations.


Capture break times

Many local regulations require that your employees are provided with the proper break times during their shift. Busy Bunny allows your employees to take their breaks per established guidelines, while providing you the necessary documentation of break activity.

Break time configuration allows you to set all regional, local and company rules that can be applied to all of your employees.